What are Download Codes?

Download Codes are a group of single use codes tied to a single, downloadable file. This can either be a single piece of content like a PDF or WAV or MP3 or it can be several merged into a single Zip file. 

How are Codes assigned?

When you purchase codes you can upload your file(s) to us from our Upload page. We then send you a CSV file you can open up with any spreadsheet program with your list of codes.

How can Codes be distributed?

You can email them out to whomever you want or you can print them onto fliers, business cards or stickers to physically hand them out or you can sell them online through an e-commerce site.

How are Codes redeemed for the digital files?

Codes can be redeemed on the Redeem Code page of our site in the redemption field.

What kind of files can be used?

Any kind of digital content can be used: music, video, text, PDF eBooks, software, etc.

Can I use someone else’s content?

Any creative content such as music can only be used if it is yours or you have the rights to it. If you would like to license music from us we have a large catalog of artists in all genres. There is a licensing fee that goes directly to the artist and you would receive a discount on your codes purchase. Please Contact Us for details.

How do I print out the codes onto individual stickers or business cards?

Most professional printers can do this for you. A cheaper alternative is to use Avery (www.avery.com). You can buy label stickers or blank business card sheets at Staples, WalMart or Amazon and then print the codes on them using the templates on the Avery site. You can either print them directly on business cards or print them onto labels and place the labels on anything you want including fliers, CDs, etc.

Is there a file size limit?

Please keep the total size under 1gb.

What other ways can Download Codes be used?

Check out our Ideas page for different uses.