Here are some ways that Download Codes could be used.

Sell at shows – As an alternative to CDs you can print download codes onto flyers or business cards and sell them at your live gigs. Since making them is cheaper than CD duplication you can sell them for less and make a larger profit per sale. They are also lighter and easier to transport.

Give out teasers of upcoming releases – If you have an upcoming release that is not on your website yet you can give out a sample teaser. Be sure to include the release date and where it will be available for purchase.

Bundle with other digital goods – Bundle your music with other musicians, writers, artists, game designers, programmers and anyone else that creates digital goods. Give away or sell the bundles either at gigs or online and send the codes out via email.

Offer music to monthly subscription boxes – Subscription boxes are products assembled together into themes that subscribers receive every month. There are subscription boxes for beauty products, toys, snacks and for every conceivable hobby, interest, need or niche. Sellers of subscription boxes are always looking for products so might be interested in including your music. You can either provide them with the actual physical cards with your code or provide them the codes digitally for them to put on their own branded cards.

Work with local businesses – See if local businesses would be willing to sell or give away cards with your music.

Monetize with ads or coupons – Companies are always looking for new ways to market themselves. Offer to include their ad or coupon on the card you hand out with your download codes on them for an agreed upon fee. Alternatively, license your music to them and send them the codes to add to their flyers or business cards. This adds a small reward of free music for the people they give them to.  If you are unable to find businesses willing to pay up front, you can try using affiliate programs.

Nightclubs, Live Music Venues, Ad Agencies, Printers, Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Add codes to your flyers or business cards – Give away free music or other content to people that take your flyers or business cards as incentive to hold onto them longer. If you are a venue that books local bands include their music as extra promotion for the gig.

Printers – Offer download codes as an additional service for your clients so they can add digital content to their products.

Advertising Agencies – Flyers or other printed products with download codes can be used as an advertising vehicle for your clients.

Entrepreneurs – Seeking extra revenue sources?  Charge businesses to hand out their flyers or coupons with download codes on them to increase their value.

NEED MUSIC? – Chaos Music Distribution, our parent company, has a catalog of hundreds of artists and thousands of tracks in all genre.  License music from us for a small fee and receive a discount on codes.  100% of license fees goes to the artists.  Contact Us for details.