Music For Your Stuff Download Codes

A single song or an entire album with pictures and text, distribute your music cheaply and easily. Sell them at gigs as a cheaper alternative to CDs.

Any kind of content can be used including music, e-books, art, video, comics, software or games. Bundle your content with other creators.

We host your content and provide you with your codes. Send them out in emails or print them onto business cards or flyers to hand out to you fans.

Alternatively, you can monetize your music by placing ads or coupons on one side of the flyer and the download code on the other side of the box.

Businesses and Entrepreneurs, add music to your flyers or business cards!

Adding download codes to your flyers and business cards linked to digital content like music makes people more likely to hold on to them.

If you need music, Chaos Music Distribution has a large catalog available at reasonable licensing fees. 

License our artists to receive a discount on codes.  License fees go 100% to the artist. 

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Partnership Program

Be Part Of Something Great

Printer. Partner with us to offer Download Codes to your clients. Increase their value and your profits.

Ad Agencies. Partner with us to use Download Codes as an advertising vehicle. Download Codes can be placed onto fliers and coupons for your clients.

Entrepreneurs. Seeking new business opportunities? Partner with us to earn revenue distributing Download Codes. Perfect for students.

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